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As a reader of Rooftop Ventilation News you are invited to take advantage of programs below that offer many products and services you might appreciate. There is no obligation.

  • Whole House Fans for rafter mounting or rooftop mounting
  • Solar power systems that offer off grid or on grid power
  • SendOutCards for the best impression you can make
  • Cellular phone service cuts your cost – not your carrier. Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile
  • XOOM for natural gas and electricity at reduced rates guaranteed
  • TV over Satellite from DirecTV or DISH at the lowest prices you can find.
  • Internet – fastest service from ATT, CenturyLink, Frontier or Verizon
  • Security systems for your home from Vivint.
  • Credit Card processing by Anovia
  • Legal Shield gives you legal services for one low cost monthly payment
  • takes away fat faster than liposuction without the pain

Tornado Whole house fans from offer you the highest performance fans you can find. Model ES-6400 pulls 6,320 CFM at just 505 watts and has infinitely variable speeds so you can run it all night for pennies.

Model ER-8000 pulls 8005 CFM and is the world’s first high flow rooftop whole house fan for homes with no attics like the famous Eichler mid century modern homes built in the 1950s.

Solar power systems from POWUR are expected to save you money, save the environment and offer us all a new way to increase our income while helping others benefit from solar. Powur is one of the first solar power suppliers to operate as a network marketing company that enables all of us to participate in this historic shift to renewable and low impact power generation. To see how you can get your own POWUR solar AND how you can join our team to help others get solar go here –

To fully understand the power of POWUR it is valuable to see what the TEDx speakers are saying. here is a link to 5 of the top talks of 2018 –

From a phone app, or from your computer, you can now MAIL custom cards with your own pictures and the price is far less than a generic card purchased at a store. You can even include gifts!

You have the option to custom brand the back of your cards and have your own handwriting font & signatures scanned into the system so that your cards are handwritten and signed by you.

Personal Use Benefits: Stay connected, share printed photos, show someone you care about them, celebrate life, create invitations, say “Thank You”, create and mail all your holidays cards with ease (create one cards and mail to your entire list).

Business Use Benefits: The handwritten card is the most powerful Customer Retention method there is and with the right pictures, it’s priceless. Include a gift and show true appreciation to your clients or referral base. Set cards to be mailed out automatically and never forget another birthday. Your referral business will grow like you have never seen before. You know that you should be mailing out appreciation but you don’t do it because it’s inconvenient, time consuming and it cost too much… until now.

Cellular Phone Service: Have the ability to get free service with 3 of the top carriers. (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). Typical savings are about 20 – 40%
Operating on 3 of the top nationwide networks we offer more options and better choices all in one place with NO contracts.
Purchase a new phone from us or use your own compatible phone.
Keep your same phone number.
Competitive Pricing: Awesome value on your favorite new wireless service.

Click here to see how you can lower your costs – (this link is in process 1-9-19)

TESTIMONIAL: My wife and I signed up. We stayed on the same Verizon network that has great coverage in our area, we kept our same phone numbers, we kept our same phones, we increased the amount a data available per month and we reduced our bill by over $720 a year. That is about to change to be a savings of over $1,000 a year as one of our phone lines will become free each month. You can do the same.
-Brian Hannigan 

Low Fixed Rates For Natural Gas & Electricity – With No Change In Delivery Or Maintenance.

Protect your home or business from fluctuating energy costs. Lock in your rate for a set period of time and enjoy pricing stability for the duration of your contract term. 

One Customer Equals One Child Fed

With ACN’s Project Feeding Kids program, when you sign up for XOOM Energy now to 3/15/19 through ACN, one meal (value $0.10) will be donated to help feed children and families in need.

XOOM Energy gives you choices

  • One of the fastest growing energy retailers
  • Variety of gas and/or electricity plans and pricing options
  • Renewable energy options for home in select markets
  • Fixed rate pricing now lower than the utility in many markets
  • Stable and reliable service 

Our price per therm fluctuated from .86 cents per therm up to .96 cents per therm and now it is locked in at only .28 cents per therm. 
Brian Hannigan 

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Credit Card Processing

*We guarantee you savings, or we will give you a $100 Visa gift card for your time 

All equipment meets EMV data security regulations.

Terminals accept payments with mobile wallet.

Works with our equipment or yours

Allows you to process all major payment types, including Credit, Debit, Gift Card, E-checks & E-commerce

Operate in all point-of-sale environments including storefront, online, or mobile.

Customer support every minute of everyday throughout the duration of your relationship with Anovia Payments.

Online access to real time account information, including transaction data, statements and current rates.

*Must provide current statement when contacted. Must currently take credit cards & do $3000+/month.

Request your free Credit Card Processing quote


Satellite TV

Partnerships with DirecTV & DISH. Switch from another service provider to DirecTV or DISH or from one to the other and let us see if we can beat your current price.

DISH Free Multi-Sport Package with NFL RedZone! 

WOW! Through October 18th, new DISH customers can receive the Multi-Sport Package with NFL RedZone at no additional cost*! Customers must credit qualify and sign-up for America’s Top 120 Plus packages and above. Visit your store front for further details! 
*Requires credit qualification, 2-year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPa. Hopper upgrade fee may apply. Multi-Sport package included at no additional cost through 1/2/18 with packages starting at $59.99 (AT 120+ and above).

DirecTV FREE NFL SUNDAY TICKET for new customers. 

Package consists of all out-of-market- NFL games (based on customer’s service address) broadcast on FOX and CBS. Local broadcasts are subject to blackout rules. Other conditions apply.

TESTIMONIAL: We switched from DirecTV to DISH and couldn’t be happier. We receive more channels, get a better picture and save about $600 a year. 
Brian Hannigan 

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Accelerate Your World with High Speed Internet

Nationwide High Speed Internet in AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier and Verizon Territories.

AT&T – Stay connected with over 99% reliability, plus access to the entire network of 30,000+ AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots at no extra charge. No matter how you use the Internet, we have the perfect U-Verse or DSL high-speed Internet option for you. 

CenturyLink – Fast, reliable Internet plus 24/7 technical support. CenturyLink offers speeds up to 100 Mbps and for power users, even 1GB in select areas. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s secure. 

Frontier – Delivering a dedicated broadband connection straight to your home, Frontier offers consistent speed so you can stream music, game online, video conference and more. 

Verizon – Stay connected with 99.9% reliability, plus around-the-clock tech support. With Fios fiber optic network, get the fastest Internet and Wi-Fi available with upload speeds up to 5x faster than cable.

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Home Security & Home Automation

Who is Vivint?: One of the largest security and home automation companies in North America.

Vivint’s mission: Protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, simplifying lives.

What they do: Provide simple, affordable home automation & security.

Vivint gives you the ability to manage your entire system through your computer, tablet, smartphone or any web -enabled device.

You can access video monitoring, lighting and lamps controls, door locks, thermostats, alert notifications and much more.

Protect your home from anywhere thanks to Vivint’s mobile app and with cellular technology, there are no wires to cut, making your home always secure.

Home security systems may save you up to 20% on your home owner’s or renter’s insurance.

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Every ACN service feeds a hungry child…every month. Over 1.5 Million children will be fed this year.

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***InspectionNews (Susan Hannigan) is an independent business owner under ACN and is able to offer you the services listed below. Founded in 1993 ACN began as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S., but over time has grown to offer many of the essential services customers in 25 countries use on a daily basis. ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business.

FEED A HUNGRY CHILD: By choosing ACN, you’re making a choice to end childhood hunger. With ACN Project Feeding Kids, when you sign up for an ACN service, a child gets fed. And every time you pay that ACN service, another child gets fed. It doesn’t get any better or simpler than that.