Why is OGF the Best?

There are other ways to increase your glutathione levels.

The most effective ways are to take products that are the same as or similar to OGF. MAX is the only other source that offers the same formula. MAX got started in about 2006 as the exclusive source for Dr. Keller’s OGF. I, personally, got started with MAX in 2008 and my life was changed dramatically as a result. But in 2009 MAX’s exclusive deal ended and https://robkellermd.com/   was created. 

While I started with MAX in 2008 I am now buying my OGF from RobKellerMD.com for one simple reason. MAX pays RobKellerMD a license fee for the formula and they want $50 for a month supply.  RobKellerMD owns the formula so they sell it to me for under $40. There are 2 other similar sources, Cellgevity and Immunocal, but their prices are even higher. You don’t need to pay more than $40 when you can get the best for that price. 

You will find that one of the most highly publicized source for glutathione is a brand “Setria” made by a Japanese chemical company, https://www.kyowa-kirin.com/

Don’t  waste your money buying products with Setria ? The glutathione they offer is made in a laboratory so it is a large molecule that cannot get into your cells like OGF does.  Setria has done such a good job at marketing their brand that they now have 37! brands using their glutathione. Here is a page showing  the brands you need to avoid – https://setriaglutathione.com/where-to-find

On that note, you can get the old standard – L-Glutathione or GSH in pills at CVS and other nutrition sources but that glutathione gets destroyed by your digestive system before it can do you any good. 

So go here to get  OGF and when you go be sure to use the low $19 deal.